Elizabeth Arnott


Eating a salad every day could be one of the easiest ways to make the greatest improvement in your eating habits. Rainbow salads with as many colours as possible will ensure the widest variety of beneficial nutrients, minerals and vitamins.  In this book I share my Detox Maintenance Lifestyle Recipes including Chickpea, Tuna and Tomato Salad and Pine Nuts with Coriander (Cilantro) and Parsley Salad.

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Great stuff
"I thought this book was great. I've been getting more into eating salads lately instead of just vegetables on my plate. Though I've yet to try all of the recipes here, I'm please with what I've tried so far, especially the fish salads. It's nice to have a salad that packs a good amount of protein and skips the ham! I'll certainly be trying more books in this series. Well worth it."
September 12, 2012, Gringoloco

Fabulous, fresh and quick ... delightful recipes
"As with the rest of the recipes in the series, the list of salads in Book 6 are varied, and delightful. Whether you'd like something cool and light for a hot day, or something more substantial ... it's all included. So far my favorite recipe from this installment (for the moment anyway!!) is the Zucchini, Feta cheese and Quinoa salad. Right up my alley. It was flavorful and complex and also good for me. (which I definitely need more of.) I tend to shy away from 'health books'... because I tend to be worried that the flavor just won't be there. Not so with these recipes. Not only are there recipes for salads...but also spice mixes and flavor combos to really punch them up and make them absolutely delicious. I will, without a doubt, purchase all books in this series."
September 10, 2012, Limeliteshines

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