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Detox support - week 7

 "Running the light fandango through the recipes in the Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection, and loving every one of them" said Nancy.  "Who says losing weight the healthy way has to be boring and tasteless?"
This week we had three members away travelling, but were very happy to welcome a new member, Andy, who has recently taken on the tremendous task of turning my Spanish translation of the recipe book into a Spanish "interpretation".  Although my Spanish is good, it is nowhere near good enough to be read in print!  Thank you Andy! 

As we always do when welcoming a new member, everyone offered their advice and help, on how to get started, and how to keep motivated.  The first important thing is to complete the daily checklist.  This really helps in keeping you on track, and motivates you to make healthy eating choices. 

The first three days are the most difficult - and then it really does get easier and easier.

Clear out your kitchen of all "forbidden" foods, so they are simply not there to tempt you.

Self-talk is important - before you sit down to your meal, say to yourself "this is delicious, and is good for me; this will nourish my body and keep me well; do I really need to eat all of this?"

The emotional eating chart is really helpful. "Am I really hungry, or am I stressed, tired, bored, worried, in a dilemma....?"  If it is not real hunger, then distract yourself, go out, read a book, take some exercise, play with the dogs, listen to some music ..... do something different. Often when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty, so drinking a glass of water usually takes away the emotional hunger, and is good for you too.

Eat smaller portions, use a smaller plate, and if you realize that you have eaten enough, get up and take your plate into the kitchen, so as do avoid picking at it.
Eating at a regular time is also very good for your health.  Your body learns when to expect to be fed, and needs a steady supply of nutrients for its energy output.  Start your day with a nutritious breakfast, eat three meals a day every 4 - 5 hours, and don't eat your last meal and then go straight to bed - your body needs time to digest the food so that it can actually rest when you sleep. 

One member reported that on her doctor's recommendation, since starting the detox she has become so much more healthy that she has been able to reduce her blood pressure medication by half!   When she told him about her change in eating habits, he said "of course that is why her blood pressure is lower". Isn't it odd that doctors don't automatically recommend that you change your eating habits rather than putting you on stronger and stronger medication?

As always, everyone reported on how well they are doing on the detox maintenance lifestyle.  Everyone has lost weight (averaging around 14 lbs), is feeling much more healthy and energetic, and motivated to continue.  We all feel that this is not a diet, but a life-change.  Not only that, eating lots of fruit and vegetables and no meat is much cheaper.  So this is a win-win situation.  Lose weight and save money!  What could be better!

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  • roger Feb 19

    It's actually not too difficult and very enjoyable to see the pounds come off.

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