Elizabeth Arnott

Detox support - week 3

Another week of significant weight loss. This group is really doing fantastically well.  I am so proud and excited that we are keeping to the detox programme, and achieving great  results. 
Similar to last week, people again reported that it was not difficult, that they had easily kept to the programme.  Generally, there has been an average loss of 8 lb altogether in two weeks.  This is fantastic.  Not only that, everyone is feeling great, energised, satisfied and highly motivated. 
There have been a few social events this week causing minor slip-ups.  This is a dilemma we all have to frequently face.  When you are invited out and are given food that is completely off the detox programme - what should you do?  Nobody wants to become known as a picky eater and difficult to entertain, so the consensus is that you accept gracefully what you are given, eat only a small portion, and refuse all alcohol. One member at a party recently was able to claim that, although she looked with longing at the margarita on offer, she drank two bottles of water instead.  
Another member found it difficult to give up coffee, having been a very heavy consumer, drinking up to 8 cups per day.  However, she has managed to eliminate coffee, enjoys her early morning hot water with lemon, and is feeling much better for it.  
Interesting comments and helpful tips include: 
"I look at food differently now.  I ask myself whether this will be good for me, help me to be healthy" "clear out all the ingredients in your kitchen that you should not be eating - to avoid any temptation" "emotional eating has been a real maxim for me - am I really hungry, do I have pangs of hunger, or is this emotional hunger?"
"wine stimulates the appetite and inhibits the inhibitions - it is more difficult to keep control of your eating after a glass of wine"
"this is a way of life - when I have achieved my weight loss goal, I will continue the programme 80% of the time, and allow myself treats every now and then"
"it has been said that the average western woman says negative things to herself 47 times a day.  We need to "self-talk" with positive affirmations, say nice things to ourselves. We have all achieved amazing things, and are now including healthy weight loss to that list of achievements."
"my favourite attitude is gratitude"    
I am so delighted to be able to report such a successful week, and see that everyone is highly motivated and on target to achieve their healthy weight loss.  

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