Elizabeth Arnott

Detox support - week 10

We are now into our third month, with a few members of our group having been away for a few weeks, and now back with renewed motivation.  The encouraging thing is that, although it was hard to keep on track when away from home, the benefits of staying strictly on the detox maintenance for the first 30 days has really paid off. 

New eating habits have been formed.  Taste buds have become accustomed to not eating wheat or dairy.  Eating is now never done unconsciously.  And although healthy diet is an absolute priority, with home-prepared meals using "super-foods" ingredients, it is so automatic that it is not difficult to make healthy choices. 

When you only have "super-foods" ingredients in the house, it is easy to avoid "forbidden" foods.  And when eating out, fish, vegetables and salads are the obvious choices.  As always, the social situation is problematic, but we are finding that most of our friends are very supportive, and prepare "detox" meals for us, or offer a healthy alternative.  

Health issues that have either disappeared or greatly diminished remain constant:

no acid reflux

no hot flashes

no swollen or painful joints

no sleep disturbance

more energy 

In fact, one member reported that her hot flashes returned when she went off the detox, and disappeared when she got back on track - so they were directly related to diet. 

The renewed motivation has combined with a determination to include more exercise into our daily lives.  A healthy diet can achieve wonders, but for a completely healthy body, we must get up and move - walk, run, swim, dance, go to the gym, Qi-gong, yoga  ...  and the more you do the more you will be able to do. 

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