Elizabeth Arnott

Merida Detox Support Group

Do you want to see how we have been getting on?  We are a small group of friends who live in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico who meet every week to talk about how to follow the Detox Maintenance Lifestyle.  Click the "Support Blog" tab for weekly updates on our progress.
January 2013 is the beginning of a new year, and for us, it has been the time to decide to make changes in our lifestyle, in order to have a healthier body, and to lose weight in the most natural way possible.  No drugs, no fasting, no weird food combinations and restrictions.  Just healthy, fresh, organic fruit, vegetables, legumes or pulses, nuts and fish.  We restrict dairy to goat or sheep products - milk, cheese and yogurt, and completely eliminate cow's products, flour, meat, chicken, eggs and sugar.  There are 130 recipes to support the detox programme so you never need feel short of variety and flavour - Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection, available as a paperback and ebook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.  Click the "books" tab for details.

Why not start your own support group, using the recipes as your foundation?  You will find information in the book on how to live the detox maintenance lifestyle, and if you sign up for my newsletter, you will receive weekly tips, recipes, health advice and announcements.

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  • Gail Nava Feb 16

    Hello Elizabeth, I have been living in cuernavaca for 20 plus years and because of the violence here will be moving to merida. I am interested in living a detox lifestyle and connecting with others . I have been to merida many times over the years. While I look for permanent housing ideally I would like to share housing,with others who are following,the detox lifestyle. Hope to meet you in early march when I arrive.

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