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Health Benefits of Turmeric

I recently took a course of acupuncture, just as a general boost to my already excellent state of health, and was delighted when the Vietnamese acupuncturist gave me a diet sheet that fitted perfectly with my Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection.

He said that people had to follow a detox diet in order for acupuncture to be effective; that he could only do so much, and that it is up to each individual patient to take care of their body with plenty of sleep, plenty of exercise, and healthy eating.    
However, there was one ingredient that he insisted would be good for the liver, and that should be taken every day, and included in the preparation of dishes wherever possible. Turmeric.  So at first I added a half teaspoonful of turmeric powder to my early morning cup of hot water and lemon.  Although I didn't like it very much, I persevered with it.                                                   

BUT then I discovered that those worm-like roots which are usually next to ginger in the supermarket (and here in Merida are confusingly called azafrán which in my Spanish dictionary means saffron) are actually turmeric.  So I now add half a root, peeled and finely sliced to my hot lemon and water in the morning, and it is delicious and refreshing.

Turmeric health benefits have been known in India for centuries.  Recent research has shown it to have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It increases the liver function, thereby helping to eliminate toxic substances from the body.
Turmeric also provides relief for arthritis and joint pain, working to destroy free radicals in your body that are responsible for damaging body cells.
Turmeric could also help prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease, due to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which block the production of IL-2 protein that is known to destroy the protective sheath found around the nerves.
Turmeric contains Vitamin B6, lowers cholesterol levels and aids the prevention of most cardiovascular diseases.
Turmeric keeps your immune system strong, so helps prevent colds and flu.
It is recommended that you consume turmeric with meals, in order to avoid possible side effects of heartburn and increased body temperature.
I have several recipes in the Vegetarian chapter of my Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection that include turmeric, in the section for Vegetable Curries.  Why not try them out, and experiment with your own ideas for including turmeric into your daily diet.  It may be an acquired taste to drink it in the morning with your hot water and lemon, but it is worth it if it gives you all these health benefits.

If you would like to try a delicious anti-inflammatory recipe for a hot drink using turmeric and ginger, click on this link.

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  • Hildegard Maria Koob Mar 24

    hi Elizabeth, I am happy to have met you - even if it is only virtually - although we live in the same town. I do not believe in coincidences, but this Vietnamese acupuncturist you speek about must be the one my husband and I are going to see next tuesday for health treatment. Thank you so much for all this wonderfull information you are offering on your blog. Blessings from Maria.
  • Elizabeth Apr 03

    Hola Hildegard, Thank you so much for your kind comments, and yes, Dr. Huyn is the acupuncturist I was talking about, and he is excellent. He really knows what he is doing. I wish you well. Saludos, Elizabeth

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